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The Morvan (from Celtic: Mar = black and Vand = mountainous) is a mountainous region in Burgundy-France-Comté, France, the heart of the departments of Yonne, Nièvre, Côte-d'Or and Saône-et-Loire. (200 km south-east of Paris). The mountain range is actually an offshoot of the Massif Central, and consists mainly of granite rock. The highest peak is Haut-Folin at 901 metres, followed by Mont Préneley at 855 metres. Also Mont Beuvray (821 metres), on which the ancient Celtic towns of Bibracte and Alésia with museums and archaeological excavations can be visited. Since 1970, the area has had protection as Parc naturel regional du Morvan.

The Morvan is covered with large amounts of dense mixed forest, with large meadows in between. The Morvan has many water features, including reservoirs such as Lac de Chaumeçon, Lac du Crescent, Lac de Pannecière and Lac des Settons and several rivers such as the Yonne, Cousin, Cure and Chalaux. Because there is no industry, there is hardly any air pollution. There is also little light pollution which, at night when the sky is cloudless, gives a view of the Milky Way.

The Morvan is a holiday region with something for everyone. Many sports activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, tree climbing, rafting and canoeing, but also culture with many castles and historic and authentic towns. In the period from Easter to the autumn holidays, cosy French markets and festivals are organised everywhere; from medieval to French chansons, from fairs with typical French products to flea markets and numerous festivals.

In short, a wonderful holiday area to relax, enjoy the natural beauty, a lovely walk or canoe trip, drink French wine on a cosy terrace, browse a flea market or browse culture in an old historic church.

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